Calling All Future Real Estate Investors…

Unlock The Tried & Tested Secrets To Building A Short-Term Rental Business Empire For Less Than $5,000 Without Having Any Prior Experience…

All You Need Is One Comprehensive Guide!
Calling All Future Real Estate Investors…

Unlock The Tried & Tested Secrets To Building A Short-Term Rental Business Empire For Less Than $5,000 Without Having Any Prior Experience…

All You Need Is One Comprehensive Guide!
These days, it seems like everyone is getting involved in the Real Estate world.

The angle most people seem to be taking is rehabbing or wholesaling.

But the main problem with taking that route into real estate is that it requires a LOT of knowledge…

...not to mention a HUGE investment of your hard-earned savings!

However, there is one corner of the market that is waiting to be tapped into that so many are unfamiliar with...

One that allows anyone with ZERO experience to get involved in real estate investing!
Allow Me To Introduce You To The Power Of Short-Term Rentals
Think about this for a moment.

If you’re going on vacation or going on a business trip, where do you stay?

Most likely in a hotel, or an Airbnb as a cheaper alternative.

But what if you’re staying away from home for a longer period of time?

Imagine you’re relocating due to work, but need a semi-permanent place to stay while you find an apartment or a house?

Staying at hotels or Airbnbs for that amount of time isn’t practical OR affordable.
That’s where short-term rentals come into the picture.

A  fully-furnished accommodation, partnered with apartment complexes, on a short-term lease!

More extensive contracts than Airbnb, without the long-term commitments of a regular rental property!

And that can be anything from a few months to a whole year!

Short-term rentals provide you with a flexible way to enter the world of real estate without worrying about rehabbing, property flipping, wholesaling…

Everything that makes real estate seem so complicated!
If It’s So Easy, Why Isn’t Everyone Buying Properties, Making Millions, And Living The High Life?
Because the simple fact of the matter is:

It’s NOT that easy if you don't have the knowledge required to begin.

Perhaps you’ve already tried to make a move into short-term rentals and have found this out for yourself.

Everywhere you turn, everyone you speak to, every property you investigate...

The figures that keep coming up are telling you that you’re going to need tens of thousands of dollars just to invest in your first property!

And when you haven’t got a vault overflowing with cash… feel like you’re kissing goodbye to a real estate career before you’ve even got started!

So how do people do it?

How do the real estate ‘influencers’ make it look so straightforward?

The truth is...

Social media has created a completely unrealistic expectation of what it takes to get into real estate.

When you get down to the nitty-gritty - it’s really not as flashy a career move as you think…

I should know…
I’m Not One Of Those Real Estate ‘Influencers…’
Hi there, I’m Brandy Jackson.
These days, I’m a 6-figure real estate entrepreneur.

But let’s bring things back down to Earth for just a second - I don’t want you getting the wrong idea…

Not so long ago, I was a teacher at a performing arts school. I loved my job, and I’m still incredibly passionate about the arts...

...but I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that I was not earning life-changing money.

And neither was my husband. He was grinding the 9-5 at Amazon to help make someone else rich…

No prizes for guessing who.
When both of our jobs came under threat during the pandemic, we knew something had to change…

I decided it was finally time to give real estate a go. Short-term rentals seemed like the best option for us, given our lack of real estate knowledge… we went for it!

I read books, watched countless videos, and even purchased courses - reeled in by the outrageous promises they made. I was fooled by the ‘guru’ lifestyle too.

Time and time again I thought to myself ‘This will be the course that changes everything…’

And time and time again I ended up disappointed. These courses didn’t make good on what they promised, leaving me feeling misled and cheated.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the same thing, and you’re still looking for that diamond in the rough as well?

So we decided there was only one thing for it: We had to start small and work our way up…
I Was Forced To Make Mistakes And Find Things Out For Myself...
The global pandemic put our backs against the wall... we started our own short-term rental business with a little money we had saved.

There was no sudden discovery of gold coins below our house.

There was no sudden inheritance of a distant family member.

We did it all on our own.

Contrary to what the influencers were preaching, we discovered what it was really like to start a short-term rental business...
But before we knew it?

We’d managed to scale our little business to 6-Figures!

Now that may seem like an unbelievable leap - it certainly seemed like it to us too!

But when my friends started asking me how I did it, I started teaching what I learned...

...and they were able to replicate my results!
So, if you’ve been looking to get started in real estate without fronting your life savings and then some...
So, if you’ve been looking to get started in real estate
without fronting your life savings and then some...
All You Need Is THIS BOOK!
A 7-Step Guide To Breaking Into Real Estate Investing... With Less Than 5k!
Here’s A Preview Of What’s On Offer Inside
  • ​Step by step instructions to legally establish your business
  • ​​Keys to establish and leverage business credit to secure units
  • ​​Questions to ask when vetting units and properties
  • ​How to luxuriously furnish your STR on a budget
  • Strategies to vet and secure ideal renters for your unit
  • ​MORE!
I value my family and my time more than anything else in the world.

The way I was living my life before…

I didn’t have control over either of those things! I was trading my time for money, and not earning enough to enjoy quality time with my children.

I wasted far too long diving down internet black holes for information that just didn’t seem to be there.

So, if you value your time as much as me? This is for you.

I want to help people like myself get started in the world of real estate as soon as possible - without making the mistakes I did!

That’s why you’ll find nothing in this guide except actionable steps!

You don’t need anecdotes, irrelevant information, or generic filler...

This guide is 100% FLUFF FREE!

And If You Act Now?
There’s A Little Bit Extra For You:
I want to ensure you’re 100% confident kickstarting your new career…

...that’s why I’ve gone the extra mile by throwing an exclusive bonus bundle into the mix
How To Make A Room POP Checklist
Real Estate Resources List

Short Term Rental Space Furnishings Checklist
Color Psychology Guide

Now’s your chance to finally unlock financial freedom through the power of real estate!

Now is the time to become an entrepreneur without spending thousands of your hard-earned savings, or attending unhelpful courses!

Breathe in and take a moment to imagine everything waiting for you:
  • The opportunity to see the world with your family...
  • The chance to relocate and buy your dream house...
  • The freedom to live life on your terms...
Now breathe out, and know that you’re one read away from all of that!

So what are you waiting for?

Lifetime access to every real estate strategy and secret you’ll ever need - wrapped into one book…
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